Best in Economics this week: February 3

When in India, do not take selfies…

Can it be this obvious?

Germany at risk (part I)


Germany at risk (part II)


Dow 20k and economic momentum


CAPE, does it work?


Ruling by executive order


Making America young again…


This on the other hand is much more interesting: “Are Hedge Funds on the Other Side of the Low-Volatility Trade?”


Making America safe again…


Going for a hattrick, or is it game over for Greece?


The Trump cabinet


Cool chart on risk and return in the longer run

Worst drawdowns in stock market per President


Supreme court in the US


India is not happy with the credit rating agencies…

The Indian government has delivered a piercing criticism of rating firms like Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s


For the number crunchers out there. 58% of stocks fail to outperform T-bills…?


One of the Trump tax plans may be that interest rates are no longer deductible…

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