Best of the web in 2016

These are the 20 charts/images that either described 2016 best, or those that I think are just spot on in a different way. This list has been compiled from this year’s shortlist of more than 160 candidates, which in turn has been collected from the weekly Best of the Week overview. Thanks to all the sources, but an extra special thanks to,, and

And here is the final list.


Number 20: they beleaved alright…


Number 19: is inequality an Anglo-Saxon problem…?


Number 18: Never before has an ’emerging’ country been this indebted…


Number 17: the more sizable sell-offs of the last 60 years


Number 16: Festive season? The deadly season is a more appropriate name, it appears


Number 15: 2016 was the year oil markets finally bottomed… 


Number 14: 2016 was also the year of negative rates… 


Number 13: the one thing everyone agrees on… 

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 17.19.21.png

Number 12: the sad record… 


Number 11: death by selfie… 


Number 10: how human beings are wired to go for certain biases 


Number 9: growth has disappointed. A lot.


Number 8: it is not the digital camera that killed camera sale: it’s the iphone…



Number 7: The Donald



Number 6: Urbanization since way back…


Number 5: lower, lower, lower



Number 4: central bank arsenal….



Number 3: problem solving


Number 2: This time will not be different…



Number 1: What Trump will bring to the table…




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