Best in Economics this week: January 22

An interesting and easy to read blog on the productivity puzzle: mis-measurement or misallocation?


Cool two charts. Looks like investing is easy after all. If you know what the economy will be doing, that is

The dominance of the oil trade…

No wonder US earnings have been falling…

A bit or perspective

Stock market corrections without recessions. They happen


The good news: bonds didn’t suffer in the sell-off. The bad news: normally bonds would have rallied…

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 1.44.34 PM

Back in the news again: the 62 richest own a lot…..

I somehow think that I have shown this one before, but here you go: liquidity in bond markets


Latest GDP data from China is out. The underlying volatility has a high Madoff feel to it…


And here is some more: a bit of reading on liquidity in the corporate bond markets


“How blockchain tech could change the way we do business”


And the IMF on virtual currencies


Hot (and depressing) interactive chart showing how warm global temperatures were in 2015


Interesting chart on fact checking politicians. Remarkably, Bill Clinton scores high….


Cool overview of corporate criminal penalties in the US



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