Best in Economics this week: November 20

Have you finally made it to the Fed, is no one listening to you…


Distressed levels in High Yield

An animated version of the rise by death of ISIS (and affiliates)


An interesting speech by the Chief Economist of the Bank of England on the future of jobs and wages

Well, share buybacks will only get you so far…

Stock buybacks and how they have been funded

Emerging Market Debt. Some feedback.


Very cool chart showing the growth breakdown for 2016

You can disagree with the view, but the way it is presented is pretty clear


China is the new Japan (which means that the US will stay the biggest economy for a lot longer)


What is the most crowded trade right now?


Martin Wolf hits the same old theme again

The impact of Amazon


It has been a difficult year to make money in currencies (from a US perspective)


Blackrock’s take on the price of climate change

Right. Equilibrium real interest rates. Good luck with that.


Here is someone making the case that the growth slowdown is not a measurement thingie after all


A complete overview of all previous editions of Best of the Web Weekly Economics can be found here All links provided are collected from public websites, unless otherwise specified. I have not checked the data or information for accuracy used, and therefore do not guarantee that all data provided will be 100% correct. The links provided do not necessarily reflect my personal opinion and should be seen as general interest: oftentimes I do not agree with arguments presented, but nevertheless think it is worthwhile to read them. It is up to the reader to make up their own mind. Suggestions or discussions are more than welcome. Do not quote unless specifically cleared beforehand!

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