Best in Economics this week: September 18

Cool chart on the importance of china for certain markets

Some ETFs are not as solid as others…

Some sound advice: don’t trade in the morning! (or, adversely, as high frequency trading only trade in the morning!)


Nordhaus has taken a serious attempt to see whether we are close to ‘singularity’. The answer: no.


QE expansion has ended! Or at least, that is what you might conclude if you take Emerging Market selling into account


Interesting observation here: as a momentum investor you should be short all asset classes…


There are efficient and there are inefficient innovators, it appears…

“The “Sharing Economy” Is Dead, And We Killed It”

How factor investing has saved the day during rough weather…


Nice bit of research of whether the relative hawkishness of a Fed member is related to the inflation regime of their young adulthood


Nice chart on drawdowns


Cool tool enabling you to see what the Fed’s projections were -say- three years ago


Now there’s a shocker: insider trading is profitable!


El nino is coming! True, they said so last year as well, but who knows: what if it is true?


On the fences around the world


The ECB will start to publish the target II country data from now on


Vulnerability in Emerging Markets

Bits of reading by the Bank of International Settlements: on emerging market weakness…

On the plus side: the Asians seem to be doing pretty ok…


Cool visualisation of the beer companies


Nice one for point of reference: the QE timeline


You’ve gotta hand it to them: the Economist is king in making great charts


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