Best in Economics this week: June 19

The worrying lack of drinking water….


Always wanted to know what the average -say- surgeon or computer network architect earns in the US? (big chart only one click away)

But let’s not call it a bubble…

Some charts on wage increases around the world

The Netherlands in the top five


Cool chart showing where population has increased (red) or decreased (blue) in the 2001-2011 period

Embedded image permalink;jsessionid=0E177398FE31F72610BE4013D684074D.live1042?__blob=publicationFile&v=2

Trump is a well known name, but man does he have a problem…


But you can hardly deny where the problem comes from…


Family owned rules. Although I thought the opposite was always the case…


And buying US stocks now will get you poor results in the next ten years to come


A bit of weird trading patterns in the US


…and this is the first thirty minutes of trading


How the mismeasurement of the price of light might have lead to an under-measurement of the GDP per capita of 7 percent


Cool website with all kinds of wealth statistics


Some slides on the markets


This one comes without a comment…


This is going to be a tough Ramadan this year…


The average US woman is now as heavy as the average US man was in the 60s…


A complete overview of all previous editions of Best of the Web Weekly Economics can be found here All links provided are collected from public websites, unless otherwise specified. I have not checked the data or information for accuracy used, and therefore do not guarantee that all data provided will be 100% correct. The links provided do not necessarily reflect my personal opinion and should be seen as general interest: oftentimes I do not agree with arguments presented, but nevertheless think it is worthwhile to read them. It is up to the reader to make up their own mind. Suggestions or discussions are more than welcome. Do not quote unless specifically cleared beforehand!

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