Best in Economics this week: March 27

Cool overview on the robot-takes-jobs debate!


China is investing more and more into Europe…
screenshot 2015 03 25 06 25 05

Gas and growth. That’s the idea though
screenshot 2015 03 27 06 20 30

We know this chart by now, but still

Who’s Obama’s favourite…?
screenshot 2015 03 26 06 20 25

Ok: I know the axis starts at 40 (which is misleading), but still: 47% of US households are non-savers…

The Economist looks back on the growth performance of Singapore, as Lee Kuan Yew passes away

Cool chart on drawdowns for the US stock market

A classic on inflation, from the Office of Price Administration (OPA). It could have said deflation just as easily…
screenshot 2015 03 24 06 06 40

Well known chart. There have been more high buildings though, with no crisis to match

Very cool moving gif (and 39 other charts) on the broader middle east region through time

Wages, apparently, have never been more important, according to this article

It is probably fate that the biggest non-believers of global warming are -again- struck by the harshest winter…

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