Best of the Web: 15-01-26, nr 1151

Good morning. Greece has voted and the outcome is clear…

Well, someone doesn’t like theta Syriza victory in Greece…


Historians are history, apparently (and where are the politicians in this chart?)


The US reporting season up to now…


In Dutch, so for them locals: on happiness and GDP 9KQP4YJ26_BAJRSlvoyl_Bd2T-z119tDQ74oHslzM1eiDUtmxpiniRHd2r6PBZ5WSGBy18Rgt3cRL-DLVT72YMFlKZ_dnYOjEiDjCgAe6jkUKU02PVu2PxGL9R-iWp7ZRQ

For the real techno-optimists out there! (via @whishmaster_nl) SNM5B-gugno-av_uRQKGaW5mBCVzZEGlZUP_7RMx4N0jNWjfGNYfKrblSC32aOy-jZi8lsjDdoWc2jOJ3DKma5e-D9yAfOSKo9r8L2OzwlQIOCkusEryknp8G4HQLMRP1A

To put the ECB decision into some perspective…


Not surprising, with Treasury yields this low. But still, in a game of relatives… X6KjFmFlNDClpu_ljIVcnEi_7MM4Q_bbTmk2IVbhwokGew7PDyLzs2V7ePsFrBT-4RbyBv-9mvQZa97UyrRfq468ItjXZMuY3KGBc4C47h-sb8kDF3aul7nOW_ieoBTUDQ

I am not sure whether this one holds up, but there you go nCntzBGrRNrJzIYvXr9MIdvs0fC9ToPiwHf_UMiZdow5-aXlbirT-ZPRSCF0MK26Oj6h-a6IYO39jXq-5P9ExTsARpoYHZMlDi_d_JIipveq1ngaKc7u9fpRJ1GY4xYT4A

Some pretty horrible pictures on Chinese pollution… XsIZ50StCm0qxpc0s0cA7kturRbh_InuGSqaRMAmQLQOsDtoh9BxLPlk2-1ZXk_KaVX4MN9gxuY6nw88YWZJEeJus2hkehV7qldBNG8JDYwokUQAseXWgOIiryLzEU5n2A

And the US schedule for the week to come: Q4 GDP on Friday

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