Best in Economics this week: January 16

Not sure whether this is just a re-run, but hey, let’s just show it again. Eichengreen on Secular stagnation, including the relative price of investment goods!

So that no one has any illusion on what to expect with respect to earnings in bonds the next 15 years or so…

A classic charts that seems to suggest that we are not in recession territory yet
screenshot 2015 01 16 06 31 17

Can this be really cause and effect, or just coincidence? (via @pvkleef)

Interesting fact on Brazil: it is a pretty closed economy by international standards….

McKinsey publishes a report on the effect of aging on growth…
screenshot 2015 01 15 06 24 19

This one is for the bears out there: since 1871 US stocks have never risen 7 years in a row.

And this is mt My response to that ‘bearish’ chart for equities published earlier this week
Consecutive stock gains

An updated version of last year: who owns US stocks?

If it hadn’t been for the big 2009 drop, I think the yellow line would have been higher, right?
2015-01AD blog

And here is the backdrop of the decline in copper prices…
copper supply

De rise and rise of high rising buildings

Big data! Good luck with it!

Oh great…

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