Best of the Web: 15-01-14, nr 1143

Good morning. How big the biggest ship in the world really is…

Can this be really cause and effect, or just coincidence? (via @pvkleef)

“Oil kings: The House of Saud’s uncertain future”

In case you think it is just oil that is plunging… ‘Dr’ copper is not doing so well either

This one is for the bears out there: since 1871 US stocks have never risen 7 years in a row. This has a pretty high how-to-lie-with-statistics ring to it though…

Not sure whether this is just a re-run, but hey, let’s just show it again. Eichengreen on Secular stagnation, including the relative price of investment goods!

Is it true? Are wage pressures indeed building up in the US? So far, it looks more like wishful thinking
cotd wages

For all you bond nerds out there!
Can liquidity changes explain the steepening?

Perfectly useless information.

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