Best of the Web in 2014

It is the time of year again to present the most subjective list of them all, the Best of 2014. These are the twenty charts I have chosen, from the ‘short’ list of 133, which can be found here. If that does not fill your appetite, you can always check out the previous editions as well: 2013, 2012 and 2011. (and yes, 2010 is still missing…)

Here goes.

Number 20: the pain in Spa… Greece
Falling from Grace

Click to access trade.pdf

Number 19: We should have known: the euro reached puberty…

Euro puberty

Number 18: Oil producing countries put into perspective

Number 17: Speeding things up…

Technological progress 

Number 16: How to lie with statistics

How to lie with statistics

Number 15: The incredible rise of Norway’s sovereign wealth fund

The incredible rise in wealth

Number 14: The positive impact of the oil price decline

impact oil price decline

Number 13: At the butcher, ten years from now. Order your printed meat!

The butcher in 2025

Number 12: Some perspective on emissions

History of emissions

Number 11: the world is going down the drain (and some more brilliant street-art)

World destruction

Number 10: Population density in China.

Chinese population breakdown

Number 9: So much for that lost decade…

Lost decade

Number 8: What it takes to be a good investor


Number 7: No comment…


Number 6: The rise and (ongoing) fall of Newspaper ads..


Number 5: The shape of terrorism…


Number 4: Economic costs of various events (although I think civil war is somewhat more costly at times)…


Number 3: Independence from the UK: the Scots said no.


Number 2:  The incredible cement consumption by China…

Chinese cement consumption

AND THE WINNER IS:….How big the stock markets of Emerging Markets really are.


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