Best in Economics this week: October 31

The shortest way to show the outcome of the Euro stress banking test sAW3dt123FacWzd4WVRSWsx9-xEISlQjIkvKxxuAm6VV_3Y7b86oeHmYc5jkuMITFPmOMWGxfm9oFeG38V6m8lRcl4JG4jqSWlJGQXKypbRX0RtB6l4EeSaa8nMqhJvOKA

Some thoughts on the stress test and European banks.


For all yea investment managers: keeping volatility constant (paywall)


On the disappointing performance of bonds…

screenshot 2014 10 27 08 29 34

But let’s not forget this one either

max drawdown

The (negative) link between oil prices and high yield markets


Some interesting charts from the IIF on bank lending emerging markets. It does not sound like a bullish story…


A bit of history in bond volatility

Screenshot 2014-10-22 06.31.47 

I could not let this one go by… Not so happy tidings on the eurozone screenshot 2014 10 28 06 18 30

The seasonal pattern of US buybacks cotd buybacks volatility

I like this one. Or maybe I don’t: I happened to be touring last week, as a pop musician… epTBzM8oQr3PfUd_EnGFCv7JFxlnV2O_iQcFSeLZsic8JFmCBEaDuL7MQP0PuoIMQDOIN1sCYaPuSovpmqkBJy78WMA9_oTwXgi7RPNbGPNpeX16NZ7RDbarJ_GMKURH9g

Another beautiful chart from the Economist on the other impact of low oil prices… Screenshot 2014 10 26 14.12.31

Nice data and information on debt and who has been buying it over the last 100 years or so PI_GuiOBVWHS1BiSMP2-RGIqmak49zIkXUiTRm5NMu_kzySQ5wumImHe6b5TleJ2V-aAolfcvgRoVcOdo5vBc-hmPLNK1F2hE0KLLFkfObiYAA6wmN8KN1lS9Jj-lKjEng

Keep on walking!


“Sovereign-debt relief and its aftermath: The 1930s, the 1990s, the future?” Rr-iEOhKOMpIYwCUwYgVSBvoGFvIuX530G770eAOwPTQsLWgkrkIauzYoUIPlS0Lh8cpgfGvGQseUuJcT9m9X46dLk7Cx363x_GxylyH8exUvP6N7quEeONKPqOIAvXKZA

And some cool photo’s from National Geographic to top it all off…


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