Best of the Web: 14-10-15, nr 1087

Good morning. The Global wealth report of Credit Suisse is out! With the special topic: wealth inequality!

…and this is what The Economist has made of it NbgVQLo9J661gcXxuFKbHwuSAp282EWhy68RWP8dgsSwXWV4WTzst-EZGkfqPExJhvOk4VPVel6naSK2Wl7zoTqQQuSAenWRjBdXGsceEheHvLOUF4EYx07SQx683tN8eA

A bit of background on market crashes. As a warning, I have seen different numbers as well…


Some thoughts on oil/OPEC

Which fits in nicely with this chart of The Economist: how oil affects the financial state of numerous countries…


…and here is some more on oil…


This one fits in nicely with the theme: emerging markets sensitivity to commodity shocks


Are there still inflationistas out there? Anywhere?

five year breakevens

This one is for the infrastructure huggers out there…


I have probably shown this one before. Still a nice chart though.

OECD natural disasters economic damage

“South Florida, in particular, is a sitting duck.” I picked this one because of that line. No clue if it is true


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