Best in Economics this week: October 3

“Why inequality is such a drag on economies”

The Economist on the third wave and the damaging side of technology iUzPSuPnLzE_JyvJuQsuNKCMxuGE45GgOZIn1ujLoY3FDO0mM_vNcSxVoyq7_I09g3YFxidavsED7CLp0UAqx5qqe3oLALh6e5J007WyzKRP2Id9O_2aqdPczcmuHv4Jdw

So much for debt deleveraging… The Global debt to GDP ratio is still rising according to this study 66OWX3oqjzUFR6ksxd3UnZh0SCYylIw7y6j_QdQVokUKkSlbw8KG9mTMd4PDMbP9oVd4-Dbs5bHzLAQO5e3WEfrY9vZAdtfKwAoMp5z1AA_tKyC1_OamTApY8sRK5QLdlw

Two charts showing the composition of financial assets in the world. Emerging markets…


…and the industrialised world (4 times as large)…

Uq0SgP2gcEH2SMOvpo4KbYGbEcnhnHM5SQ6YxkXYPAcgXEAi159KSUplhVA1ou6BUMoAccJI55FmvdTvuvu3-W0-GRAB9nFeB-BBGHzihagcMjgm8j3x_zd4DyDeoZY8Jw Tech IPO’s through time. Remember Infineon PuVjmVIsHFTqLcpnwE04YebsqV4CmKo60vpSh1LnhVo-_yzeL7kChtG3f3dU7C3WoC6d_nPrICYxonxZ9U3UFsEUUAViM7wcoiYFIyv2z6VzZJm0qknqfEGQzAbmQTg_9Q

Where S&P companies get their revenues from… rlzd3aCY7vyHX2cOGtFI03lT-eD2XExwJW2yHfIyDIeezhXY-tngGs4bv2W4X0aKdjPilU0Lftizs6dZagXW-GhGfnmGSE-Yfgk2j7FEG3oMivoa_LJPt-uILMmZA6D0Ng

The hump is gone!


Cool tool from the OECD on how life changed over the decades. Financial and non-financial. lxYxjNG2IeI5feZs6DReukryXomDPPjSdac8qObLh3pVYVPRuuLaOuff8pSpTcNdHwSahGw5iJ0fLkK0sqVimyhVo4UPcaz9e_ULWHCbPNBeljgfzk9dFKEBS1qsu5HVYw

The hope of every proponent of the coming capex boom in the US…. swqDr5AXCRM5Of8na1rW9aLaee0macvZMxzWaARZGW5fQ4zFqdPZ93MQD-icXF_E9WDhVd-2pyDqWC7Bg_4yYTABrsLynK8oBe9Sscod5FML2pdJ3lzhCeP2ctvMxmxipw

Just when you think you have seen all the variations on the inequality theme…


Very cool site from the Guardian, enabling you to resize the world according to various variable


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