Best in Economics this week: September 26

Who’s afraid of rate hikes?
Screenshot 2014-09-26 06.56.19

But let’s not forget this one either…
Screenshot 2014-09-24 06.24.06

Cool chart on leverage

On the subject of technology

Flooding risk per country. Doesn’t look good for the Netherlands…

Girl Powerrrrrr!
screenshot 2014 09 25 06 22 52

Cool chart showing that in the end the odds of dying stack up to… a 100%…?

A bit of history on monetary policy…

Talking about maps: these are the median ages for each country. I am surprised by Russia…

Interesting historical perspective on CO2 emissions. China and the US may be the current big emitters, but Europe used to be dominant

Ah! The separatists are back!!

Debt to equity for companies for various countries. And the winner is….

Friedman was right after all, except you have to include financial prices into inflation…

Last week’s news, but still interesting. The youth wanted change

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