Best in Economics this week: September 12

A bit of longer term perspective
screenshot 2014 09 11 06 16 41

QE meets liquidity

screenshot 2014 09 10 06 52 27

From a historical perspective, neither inflation, nor deflation are a big problem right now
screenshot 2014 09 12 06 25 21

In case you have missed this one: China is building an airbase in the disputed South China Sea…

Back in ‘01 (0001, that is), when the Roman Empire sneezed, everyone got a cold…

Lending rates are coming down, even for Italy and Spain

Some new insights on productivity

Interesting chart on hours worked per year. Sweden is bucking the trend

I am not sure that Scoxit is such a good plan….

A bit of reading on Emerging Asia by the BIS

Disasters put into perspective
screenshot 2014 09 09 06 25 11

Some background information on basic income: all the pro’s and con’s are listed

What will be left for my kids. And let’s check ten years from now to see how much the bars have moved to the right.

A complete overview of all previous editions of Best of the Web Weekly Economics can be found here All links provided are collected from public websites, unless otherwise specified. I have not checked the data or information for accuracy used, and therefore do not guarantee that all data provided will be 100% correct. The links provided do not necessarily reflect my personal opinion and should be seen as general interest: oftentimes I do not agree with arguments presented, but nevertheless think it is worthwhile to read them. It is up to the reader to make up their own mind. Suggestions or discussions are more than welcome. Do not quote unless specifically cleared beforehand!

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