Best in Economics this week: June 20

The week that ISIS dominated the headlines….

Some more Iraq: where the growth of oil/energy is supposed to come from

A bit of longer term perspective on this low volatility period…
screenshot 2014 06 18 06 22 24

Remember the time the average CEO’s earned only 20 times as much as the average worker? Neither do I…
screenshot 2014 06 16 06 10 37

23? That must have been… eh… 23 years ago for me…

Take out the Emerging Markets and the link between inflation and money supply is limited at best

The Fed reduced volatility in rates, but is appears to have increased (via @leonmwc)

Japan. The outlier

Best football chart I have seen so far…


Not particularly new, but interesting nevertheless

Totally useless, but one of the more interesting charts I have seen in weeks…

33 seconds worth of retail spending in the US. A variation on the debt clock theme
screenshot 2014 06 20 06 55 19

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