Best in Economics this week: June 13

Well, we have seen two strong rebounds earlier, so let’s bring it on!
screenshot 2014 06 13 06 17 36

Insightful chart of the US labour markets…

…and here is some long term perspective
screenshot 2014 06 09 06 45 28

The IMF is worried that prices are rising too fast again
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World championship of everything else!
screenshot 2014 06 12 06 29 56

Interesting two charts. The first shows the total production of scientific papers (with the US leading)…

…but the second shows the quality of papers (by looking at citations): UK and Germany clearly beat the US

Let’s see what happens if Japan reshuffles its pension fund… There is only US 1.26 trillion invested there…

World bank report on the vulnerability of Emerging Markets

Cool chart on bitcoin: which countries are currently ahead of the pack?

So one in eight households in Switzerland is a millionaire?

Imagine scoring an ‘own goal’ at the world cup…. Apparently, it happened 33 times…

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