Best in Economics this week: May 9

Nice chart on bull markets
screenshot 2014 05 07 06 00 07

Much ado about China being a bigger economy than earlier thought…
screenshot 2014 05 05 06 18 39

And this one is a beauty too!

Interestingly, according to the i-pad index (the technological version of the Big Mac index), the Chinese yuan is properly valued….


Interesting chart on Sell in May: how stable the underperformance during the summer months is

US is big in exporting services. Or patents, that is…
us services

Cool chart, which I sort of distrust though: wasn’t the IPO market dead in 2002?

Buttonwoods takes a look at the shrinking supply of assets…

…and I guess Bulgaria will be empty before long?

The GDP gains booked after joining the euro…

Very cool way to show what the tax rate for the average worker in the EU is: how long do you have to work for the tax man

Interesting (though old) study by McKinsey on who is on the receiving end (in the negative sense) with respect to cheap money…

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