Best of the Web drinks!

Picture boy scouts, picture the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, picture economic nerds. Put them together, and there you have it: the Best of the Web ‘Clubdag’. By now a well-known tradition to celebrate another 100th edition of Best of the Web. The 900th to be exact!

In reality, it is just a drink. No Mickey Mouse heads, no badges. Just a bunch of regular readers of the best of the web daily, coming together for a drink. You are invited to join. Oh, and a slightly nerdy pub-quiz.. 🙂

And I know this is not the best time to organize a drink, but that’s where I need your help: I have selected three dates. Please pick one (or more) so that I can see which date is best.

Please supply a twittername, or emailadress so that I can keep you updated. The information will not be visible for anyone but me, and I won’t sell it. Not even to finance the drink.

Please enter the poll:

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