Best of the Web: 13-06-06, nr 783

Good morning. Welcome Latvia! To the euro, no less…..


It is no fun being a BRIC anymore…


The currency wars, inverse version: Brazil slashes the financial transaction tax


So much for the Great rotation…



IMF takes another look at the Greece bailout and the conclusions are not pleasant

1YXHEmZfwaHiuuC4QhYg_uSIP0Y9aR55DeiGiU1PX0cE-n4vhszASLykpD3y4AX9mtlDIqWtDlmDthOCVhDjCXmHxiXpr7GmuJUhdbV7f_a5NV641Tcba2Qgww (comment by Krugman)


Interesting video on poverty in the world


“Sequester Headlines Have Been Scarier Than Reality—So Far”


100 trillion down, another 100 trillion or so to go…


Interesting chart on the budgetary policy pursued by the various governments


…which is interesting if we are taking this chart into account (and no, correlation is not causation)


I do not know what the ’macro’ line exactly shows, but it seems to normally leads the 10 year Treasury yield…


Oh god…. It is back: this whole nonsense about the Hindenburg omen…


40 pictures on the European flooding…

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