Best of the Web: 13-05-06, nr 761

Good morning. Dow 15.000. Now why haven’t I written a book with that title…

Interesting chart showing how euro-area cross border sovereign debt holdings have increased again…

…while lending to non-financial corporates has done the reverse….

And talking about the euro-project: this is a pretty weird interview with former German Finance Minister Lafontaine….

Why sell in May is not going to work this time round. Or at least, according to JP Morgan

But keep in mind that the strategy seems to have worked pretty good, so far….

Cool chart showing the temperature of earth as well as we have been possible to reconstruct

Always wanted to know how it works, with central banks: this is a good starting point

Remarkable chart showing what happened with Sweden’s central bank balance compared to the US and Euroland

I didn’t have time to read this piece on r-square, but it looks interesting

Cool chart on financial asset ownership by households in various countries

Ah, dr Copper. If only they would show this chart from 2000 onward… (in other words, I do not believe in causation in this case)

A number of interesting charts on the Chinese economy

This probably already got a fair amount of attention, last week. “Rethinking macro-policy II”

Simple but nice overview of the composition of the Dow Jones right from 1884

And speaking of US stocks: betting on the S&P500 index heavyweight does not pay off

I have no clue what this chart actually is trying to show, but it looks important. Solar energy.

This one was released on the day I went on holiday, so pretty old. Still worth to look at though

And, of course, the week ahead…

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