Best in Economics this week: April 12

We are done with risk! Or at least, if we are to believe this chart from the IMF’s stability report


A pretty simple chart showing how the roles have changed between Emerging and Developed countries


Cool chart showing the various stages of recovery in the US labour market: temporary labour rules the waves!


And talking about the US labour market: the employment rate has not revovered, although the unemployment rate has dropped…


…which gets explained in this article: ‘disability’ is on the rise…

Cool chart showing the longer term trend in cash-use of US companies…


Much ado about the new Wealth study by the ECB, claiming that Germans were a lot poorer than Cypriots…


…which raised a lot of criticism for the ECB

Probably not the last chart on Japan, but I like this one: I call your 20 and I raise 50!


Beautiful chart on the various forms of flu and possible interactions


The Big Mac index on the price of… The Economist itself!


A complete overview of all previous editions of Best of the Web Weekly Economics can be found here All links provided are collected from public websites, unless otherwise specified. I have not checked the data or information for accuracy used, and therefore do not guarantee that all data provided will be 100% correct. The links provided do not necessarily reflect my personal opinion and should be seen as general interest: oftentimes I do not agree with arguments presented, but nevertheless think it is worthwhile to read them. It is up to the reader to make up their own mind. Suggestions or discussions are more than welcome. Do not quote unless specifically cleared beforehand!

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