Best of the Web: 13-04-11, nr 749

The US Federal budget: where is it all spent on? The second link is more useful for the 2014 budget


Much ado about those ECB wealth numbers that were published on Tuesday

Interesting chart on the US unemployment rate, except that I cannot find the various definitions or source…

Cool chart, but how many AAA companies (let alone bonds) are there…? And back in 1930?


This is supposed to be worrisome, but to be honest,I am not certain what I am looking at…


All European workers are equal, but some are more equal than others…


Cyprus follows Goldmans’ advice and sells gold! (just kidding, of course)


More headwinds for gold: the Japanese are selling! (I can remember the fear of Japanese selling Treasuries as well, though: the impact was.. eh… limited)


Look at those exports go! 🙂 (via @jsblokland)


Of course, the fact it stops at 1989 is questionable, but interesting nevertheless: track-record on growth…

…and inflation of the various currency regimes…



Hahaha! The Big Mac index (originally by the Economist) but now on the price of … The Economist!

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