Best of the Web: 14-02-25, nr 944

Good morning. After June 2007, the laughter stopped. Or someone else started to write the transcripts… 🙂

Interesting chart for sure: Emerging deficit countries rule the waves!

Cool chart on the pound/dollar exchange rate. There must be a longer history though

CAPEX spending in the US broken down by sector

If you are ever going to read a book about GDP, this looks like a good option: ‘GDP: A Brief But Affectionate History’

Beating expectations is the name of the game: can Abenomics deliver?

Art or science? Given that these are Shiller PE’s it should be remembered that the 2014 include the great 2007 profit slump

“Half of the U.S. Farmland being eyed by Private Equity” Oh, really?

Looks like an old chart, but the message is clear

Very interesting chart showing how important drought stricken California is for quite a number of crops

Cool chart showing the divide between winter and summer sport Nations (measured in gold medals)


A complete overview of all previous editions of Best of the Web can be found here All links provided are collected from public websites, unless otherwise specified. I have not checked the data or information for accuracy used, and therefore do not guarantee that all data provided will be 100% correct. The links provided do not necessarily reflect my personal opinion and should be seen as general interest: oftentimes I do not agree with arguments presented, but nevertheless think it is worthwhile to read them. It is up to the reader to make up their own mind. Suggestions or discussions are more than welcome. Do not quote unless specifically cleared beforehand!


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